Based out of Asheville, Sheila is a professional photographer available for hire.

She specializes in



Family portraits

and more!


Pardon me. I don’t know if we have been properly introduced.

My logo:


I am surrounded by boys in my house and I need to add some femininity to my world.

Paint brush stroke.

Photography is definitely an art form and I enjoy creating beauty in form, composition, movement, textures, lighting and colors.

My name.

Yes, I am Sheila E. My middle name is Elizabeth and I am happy to say that I dance, all the time. In the car, the kitchen, down the sidewalk- anywhere. Dancing is in my blood and it embarrasses my boys, but I think that this is one of my jobs as a parent.


This, too, is in my blood. My father (who passed almost a decade ago) was a photographer and I got to witness the joy and beauty in this craft through his eyes. I feel blessed to have found my passion and carry on my dad’s joy. Thanks for letting me share this passion with you!


My personal style is a classic timeless look. Jackie O. is definitely one of my style icons. However, I always dreamed of being a Solid Gold dancer. These two go together well, right?

The box.

I do create structure, but I am willing to go beyond the normal with my art. I want to break through what may be traditional, and see the beauty in the everyday. Moments matter to me and I see that it is not in the posed photos that make your heart melt. I want to capture pure emotions. This means going outside of the box, standing on one leg, climbing wild trails, giggling until tears, breaking down some barriers until the photos show the raw, pure joy!



Now that we’ve been properly introduced…

I hope that you get a sense of why I am a photographer. Hopefully you will gather that my main objective is to slow down time. I have found that photography has the beautiful gift of embracing a moment so that you can always go back to it and relive the experience. We are all spinning on the beautiful blue planet for such a short time. In cherishing simple moments, life becomes rich. It would be an absolute honor to slow down time for you.

To make your experience with SMP even more enjoyable, my incredibly talented husband and love of my life, Max, can join your photo session if you would like a second photographer.

We are a dynamic team and we ensure that your event goes smoothly by creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere. In doing so, you receive images that reflect your natural, stunning self.  Above everything, we want our clients to relax during their day knowing that it will be completely documented.  Enjoy knowing that you will be able to cherish the images for generations to come.

I look forward to chatting with you and hearing about your special day.

With gratitude,


Things I love



Taking photos (of course).


The beach.


A good conversation.

The wind in my hair.

Reading a good book.

Top Notch

I’ve sat to write this review on several occasions and the words just never seem to do it justice. We hired Sheila to photograph our destination elopement and mountain top sunset photos.

Her photography skills are top notch. She has an eye to capture the most incredible moments. She is professional, personable, kind and genuine.

When working with Sheila she makes you feel like your photos are her top priority. She truly wants to capture everything you want and more. Her kindness and caring personality comes off in her photos and all the special feelings are captured. I could honestly go on and on about how great the experience was from our initial phone call to sending ideas to another call and the day of!

If you are looking for an amazing photographer, hire Sheila. You won’t be disappointed.


I never felt photogenic or comfortable having photos taken but you made me feel relaxed and excited during the process. Your enthusiasm and kindness are infectious and made the experience a delightful one. Thanks Sheila!”


If you’re tired of doing the dance of looking for a wedding photographer (like we were), just stop looking and talk to Sheila. She took the time to talk to us before booking, met us up on the side of a mountain, and gave us a magical engagement session. She was patient with the awkwardness that comes with a professional photo shoot, with our dog’s clumsiness on the rocks, and with our lack of creativity.

Obviously, I can’t wait for our wedding day because I get to the marry the love of my life, but I also cannot wait to see our day through Sheila’s lens. If having candid moments captured and shown as magic, Sheila is your camera lady.

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