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“Most of us don’t love having our pictures taken. We feel the awkwardness of the moment more than the authenticity of it. It takes a special set of circumstances to feel at ease in these moments. Creating those circumstances/environment is one of the strengths of a great photographer. Sheila Mraz put us at ease and somehow directed our attention towards enjoying each other instead of focusing on the camera. And then, she saw us. Her eye is directly connected to her heart and the way that she captured my family was absolutely stunning. Our scattered, chaotic nature is a part of who our family is and Sheila saw that, embraced it and captured it in such an honest way. She also saw the love that ties that scattered, chaotic energy together. To be seen, understood and beautifully rendered in these photographs is, in retrospect, exactly what we wanted. I would have never been able to put it into words until Sheila put it in her photography. She is a gift to our family and we will cherish that gift for decades to come!”  -Jim Arrendell

“Sheila is an incredibly talented, patient and professional photographer. She worked with my (very large) family in a timely manner, with both kids and adults moving in all different directions! Speaking of kids…I believe her eye for capturing the little ones is second to no one. I work in the creative industry myself so I’m pretty well versed in powerful imagery, and Sheila has a gift for assimilating those classic, earnest images. She is always cheerful, instructive and organized. She captured many endearing candid moments that my family will cherish for years and years to come. Not only is she immensely talented, she is also a wonderfully sweet and genuine person all around. I cannot recommend her enough!” -Vance Carlisle

“Sheila took pictures for our family and we were BLOWN away. She has such an eye for style and can make anything look artistic and fabulous. She truly has a gift. Thank you for sharing your passion with the world, Sheila!”  -Ali Banchiere

Asheville wedding outdoor ceremony engagement elopement mountain black balsam photography

“I’ve sat to write this review on several occasions and the words just never seem to do it justice. We hired Sheila to photograph our destination elopement and mountain top sunset photos. Her photography skills are top notch. She has an eye to capture the most incredible moments. She is professional, personable, kind and genuine. When working with Sheila she makes you feel like your photos are her top priority. She truly wants to capture everything you want and more. Her kindness and caring personality comes off in her photos and all the special feelings are captured. I could honestly go on and on about how great the experience was from our initial phone call to sending ideas to another call and the day of!  If you are looking for an amazing photographer, hire Sheila. You won’t be disappointed.”  -Leah Cross

“I never felt photogenic or comfortable having photos taken but you made me feel relaxed and excited during the process. Your enthusiasm and kindness are infectious and made the experience a delightful one. Thanks Sheila!”  -Sally Davis

Asheville wedding engagement elopement bride groom portrait mountain black balsam fall outdoor

“If you’re tired of doing the dance of looking for a wedding photographer (like we were), just stop looking and talk to Sheila. She took the time to talk to us before booking, met us up on the side of a mountain, and gave us a magical engagement session. She was patient with the awkwardness that comes with a professional photo shoot, with our dog’s clumsiness on the rocks, and with our lack of creativity. Obviously, I can’t wait for our wedding day because I get to the marry the love of my life, but I also cannot wait to see our day through Sheila’s lens. If having candid moments captured and shown as magic, Sheila is your camera lady.”  -Kohl Friery

“Sheila Mraz is a dedicated professional who is able to capture the beauty, emotion, and heart of any celebration, family gathering, natural setting, and so much more. Yet, truth be told, there are many gifted artists in the Asheville community that have the capability to create magic with a lens…what makes Sheila stand out is her genuine connection with people. Weeks before my wedding, my father passed away unexpectedly, and Sheila was able to bring light, love and grace to my entire day through her caring words, engaging demeanor and mindful presence. Sheila ensured that my wedding day would forever be captured as a blessed event, and I am eternally grateful.”  -Susie Fahrer

“Sheila is a natural talent with photography. She captures so much emotion in her photos. She took pictures at my wedding and every person I showed them to wept, seriously. Sheila blends in to her surroundings and captures the best candid photos that are magical! A wonderful photographer with heart!”  -Anna Kohler

“Sheila did a wonderful job photographing our family! My husband usually feels uncomfortable being photographed, but after our session with Sheila he commented that he felt completely at ease because she is so warm, friendly, and engaging. Sheila has great skill and a keen eye that translated into exceptional photos for our family. I know I will always treasure these photos because Sheila captured so many special moments so beautifully.”  -Stacey Curnow

“I absolutely love working with Sheila. She is an incredibly talented photographer who puts in a lot of thorough preparation before every shoot. Sensitive to lighting, composition, and colors, Sheila photographs the perfect moment. She catered to exactly what I needed and has become a friend along the way. I highly recommend working with Sheila for your photography needs.”  -Julia Landauer

Asheville family portraits wedding kids outdoor mountain elopement“I’ve never really enjoyed having my photo taken, but working with Sheila was a blast. My husband and I both needed head shots and she was able to capture our personalities and our love for our work. She was kind and understanding and we all had a great time. I look forward to booking another session!”  -Michelle Fifis

“Sheila finds the authentic person in her photography. You can see it in the eyes of everyone she photographs. I don’t know how she does it. She just does. It separates her from other photographers. Just capturing the essence of the person, and giving us the privilege of seeing them too. For who they are. It’s her gift.”  -Chris Mailander


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Sheila Mraz has some of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen. Her imaginative eye captures the moment so perfectly and so uniquely, that I will definitely use her services again!  –Cynthia Calhoun

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