“It’s impossible,” said pride. “It’s risky,” said experience. “It’s pointless,” said reason. “Give it a try,” whispered the heart…

If we dare listen to all of the voices in our head we will be, without a doubt, -crazy!

Which voice do you choose to listen to today? Is this voice keeping you nice and safe and doing exactly what you’ve always done in the past? Or are you willing to listen to that whisper that is coming from the depths of your soul? Friends, I know it’s scary.

If your other voices are too loud to even hear the little one, then it’s time to sit still, take a walk, or find a minute to calm your mind with a meditation. I promise that your little voice is there waiting for you!!! Do yourself a favor and just listen for awhile. Take her (your little voice) out for coffee and see what she has to say. In the meantime, you can negotiate with your other voices to pipe down and give her a chance. See what happens. I dare you!!!

Sheila Mraz asheville photographer

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