Do you remember why I went into photography in the first place? When my dad passed away, 10 years ago, I felt a calling to pick up his camera and start where he left off. His mission statement was “To show the glory of God“ and he did this not only in his photographs, but also in the way he led his life. 

Here is where I get a little preachy (feel free to raise up a hand 🙌🏼). I believe that God wants us to be ridiculously happy, full of life, in love with the world and vibrating health in every cell. I believe that this is a right to all of us because we are all children of God. I, too, want “to show the glory of God” in my photos and in doing so, remind us all of how freakin’ amazing this world is and we are each so lucky to be alive. 

Yes, there are crazy hard times of despair, but we weren’t meant to live there. We can choose love or fear in any given moment and that is the direction that your thoughts will take you. 

I choose love.
Are you with me?

Sheila Mraz asheville photographer

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