I am sure that you’ve heard how this crisis has placed a halt on small businesses in extreme ways. And I LOVE hearing how this Asheville community is helping one another, so I am going to ask for a little help that won’t cost you a dime and could help me tremendously!!!

But first, know that I really don’t feel comfortable asking for help because I’d much rather be on the other end of things. Therefore, know that this is me outside of my comfort zone. (Yep, there’s that Enneagram #2 peeking out.)

However, I will tell my friends, clients, family members, coworkers and complete strangers on an airplane that asking for help is necessary and healthy.

So here goes… (swallowing my pride)
1. Could you vote for me? The annual Mtn. Xpress vote is live and could help me out once again. I thank you DEARLY for your support last year AND, after making it to the list in 2019, I dedicated to give back every month.

For real! In September I gave away an original, handcrafted Max and Larkin Mraz cutting board. In October, I gave away a fall family mini session. In November, my absolute favorite candle in the world from Hazelwood Soap Co. was up for grabs. In December a free family holiday session was given away. In both January and February, the SPARK conference was filled in less than 24 hours and provided 32 free headshots Plus inspirational workshop. In March, the 7 SPARK 2.0 Mastermind participants were given this service for free! Whew! This is quite a list.

And, I’d like to do the same in 2020 and give even BIGGER, but first I need your help to get me there. Thanks for remembering that you only have 7 days to vote once you start your ballot and you do need 30 entries to be counted. You can find the Photographer category under the first section titled Arts & Entertainment. Just type my name in there. I am grateful for your help!!! The link is in my bio and on my FB page.

2. Now that I am asking for help, I just might as well continue. If you have ever received photos from me, could you write a simple Google and/or FB review? One sentence will do and can help me out tremendously!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The small businesses everywhere are grateful for your help! -Especially the 29 others that you vote for in the Mtn Xpress!

And now, I can’t ask for help without asking you the same. How can I assist you? For real…

Sheila Mraz asheville photographer

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