This just happened….a surprise engagement in the penthouse of the Jackson Building in downtown Asheville, NC!!!! 😍💕💯♥️!!!!

Jimmy called me weeks ago to plan out his Valentine’s Day epic surprise and I’ve been screaming with excitement ever since. It all started when Halee and I met at a wedding that she planned and I photographed last October at the Broadmoor Golf Club in Fletcher.

Shortly after the wedding Halee asked if she and her boyfriend could get fall photos taken. Of course I was delighted to get to know Halee even further and was excited to meet them both for gorgeous fall portraits. Well, it turned out that Halee was a little disappointed and Jimmy didn’t propose during our fall photo session and had been expecting the question to be popped at multiple moments since.

Well, little did she know that when the Uber dropped her off tonight, her world was about to change….in the forever kind of way. 

Jimmy and I arrived at the Jackson Building earlier in the day to prepare the room for the vision that he had prepared. He had already asked ALL of Halee’s family to video themselves saying congratulations and looped all of the videos clips together to make one AMAZING monologue of tear-jerking delight! 

Sure enough, when Halee was dropped off at the Jackson building by the Uber driver, she had no clue what to expect. I tried to play it off like I was surprised to see her saying, “what are you doing here?” and she explained that she had no idea! She tried texting Jimmy and I casually talked her into seeing the epic Asheville view from the top floor of the building.  When the elevator door opened and she turned the corner, she could see the candles lit path that led to a table with one chair. Her questions turned into happy tears as she clicked “play” on the tablet sitting on the table and soon saw her whole family saying congratulations and how happy they were for her and Jimmy.  I couldn’t help myself and started crying behind my camera too. Then Jimmy walked into the room and slowly got down on one knee. Halee could barely keep herself in her seat as the river of tears flowed onto her fur stole around her neck. She started saying “yes” over and over as the two of them hugged so tightly that no earthquake could have even pulled them apart.

My camera lenses continued to point toward them for the next 45 minutes as we explored the penthouse of the Jackson building and celebrated their love for each other in portraits that will forever hold this moment in time.  Afterwards, we headed downtown to commemorate this day with downtown Asheville as the backdrop. It was evident to everyone walking by that something amazing had just happened. There was no way that Halee and Jimmy could hide their love for each other. It was obvious that they are made for one another.

Congratulations Jimmy and Halee!!! The best is yet to come!

Sheila Mraz asheville photographer

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