Can I stop your scroll to tell you about a life changing moment?

It all started years ago when Chelsie started praying for the adolescent children in foster care, circling their names and making it a daily devotion to pour love into these sweet children. Through this loving act, God opened a window to create space in the hearts and home for Chelsie and Robbie Denson to welcome another child. They had already been through the adoption process years prior and were aware of the long road ahead, but something made them pause when praying for one young boy who was eleven at the time.

It is unfortunate that Ahngel had been through years of hardships, many social workers, and had known a world of closed doors and trauma. Even knowing this, Robbie and Chelsie could hear God’s voice louder than their doubts and listened to His voice as it kept telling them to ask Ahngel to be their forever son. With a room full of teary eyes, Ahngel was surrounded with loved ones and even all of his social workers who have loved him throughout his life to now rejoice as he is declared chosen. He has a forever home now and he is in a home that knows that he has always been chosen by God.

For many of you reading this, adoption may not be within your means, so will you join me in praying for the children out there that are in the foster care system? It is evident that prayer has changed the life for this young man forever.

Congratulations to the whole Denson family!

Sheila Mraz asheville photographer

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