I see you, little one. Hold on tight. The world is waiting for you to find your light. ⠀

We are waiting for you to see your magic and know that you were placed here for a magnificent reason. There will be bumps, winding paths, and detours along the way. The amazing thing is that you’ve already been given all that you will ever need. Your bags are packed with courage to get past any obstacle, strength to keep your head raised high even in your lowest moments and wisdom to know where to go as your heart is leading you. And when you get tired and think that you can no longer walk, your father is here to pick you up and carry you with a loving heart that understands all that you’ve been through.

He wants nothing more than to see you flourish, so stuff your backpack with an extra heap of gratitude for all that you’ve been given and your journey will be blessed. Oh, little one, find your light.

Sheila Mraz asheville photographer

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