My sweet friend Libby started tearing up half way through the session. It was one of those milliseconds that seemed like forever and I didn’t know what to say. Gracefully, she broke the silence by saying it had been six years. There were six years of prayers, heart ache, tears, fear and disappointments that led to this one joyful moment of finally getting pregnant. Six years of wondering if she would ever get to be a mom within what seemed like a lifetime of unknowns. An abundance of happy tears continued to flow throughout the rest of the photo session as our hearts filled to the brim with so much love and excitement for this little one who is almost ready to arrive.

Now, may I ask you… is there something that you’ve been praying about for years? You may be sitting in disappointment right now, but I promise that you have a loving God that hears you and wants only the best for you. We may not understand God’s timing, but if the whole universe is an example, then everything has a divine order.

Sheila Mraz asheville photographer

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