I met Sebastian and his mom, Tami, at the top of Cataloochi Mountain on a brisk Sunday morning in March. The sun was just coming up over the horizon, and it quickly became evident that these hills were more than just a beautiful scene. These mountains were home for his family and formative throughout Sebastian’s high schools years.

When you’ve grown up among these hills, it is easy to see why Sebastian chose this backdrop for his senior photo session. He’s been enjoying these slopes since he was very young and they have helped carve him into the amazing young man that he is today. Sebastian’s first job at age 14 was helping out at Cataloochi Ski Resort doing all kinds of tasks and then as the years progressed, he thrived at being a ski instructor to show his love of the sport with a wide variety of ages and skill levels. 

It is this backdrop that will he will miss dearly as Sebastian heads off to college in the fall and it is these hills that will call him home once again.  I am grateful to have spent time with these two and I love that they now have these gorgeous photos to revisit and bring them right back to this sweet moment in time together. (Hey moms out there…we don’t get enough of these one on one moments, do we?!!!) 

So, I write all of this to say…why not choose a place that you LOVE for your senior photos?! You will be looking back at your images years from now and remember why you loved that spot which will give you a further glimpse of your personality. I always suggest my seniors to pick a couple of locations for their photos so that there is greater variety in their portfolio for the graduation invitations and more. Therefore, make one of those spots have some meaning to you and I bet that you will be grateful that you did years from now. Just ask Sebastian…I’m sure he will say the same!!!



Sheila Mraz asheville photographer

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