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You may be wondering, what is my motivation in photography? What is the purpose of documentary photography and how can you really document this thing called life?

My short answer is in a life well lived. The spark of love that is exchanged in a smile, a hug, or just a look…this is what documentary photography can showcase. It is in the stirring of the pot of noodles on the stove, the helping with homework, the “did you brush your teeth?” moments. It is in these small touches that add up to a lifetime of love.

I want to be able to relive today when I am in the nursing home and fill my walls and my heart with these small moments so that I can continue to revisit this abundance. This life is just a heartbeat in the grand scheme of things and documentary photography slows down these moments to cherish forever. It is not the posed, matching outfits saying cheese that bring you to tears. It is the realness that takes your breath away and helps to cherish this moment right now.

Photography helps me seek more out of life. I see life as a fleeting feather that if you don’t capture it with both hands and hold on tight, it can slip through your fingers without being noticed. Holding a camera to my eye helps me notice more. And by giving the art of documentary photography, it just may help others cherish the everyday too.

Busy is a four letter word. It is a word that consumes all of us and makes us loose sight of the big picture. Documentary photography is the opposite of busy to me. It takes the viewer to a single moment in time that you can never go back to. This is powerful!

I thank you for cherishing this life with me.

Sheila Mraz asheville photographer

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