I had the priviledge of meeting Allie and Sheena on the gorgeous morning of November 9th 2019 at Haiku I Do in Asheville. Novemer can be quite chilly so they were thriled it was a warm autumn day that they had been envisioning. 

Sheena was prepping in one room and Allie in another trying hard not to glimpse to eachother. When the time was right, I brought Allie aroudn the gorgeous magnolia that graces the center of the venue and let her listen for the Sheena’s voice to be her clue to turn around. It was the gasp of delight that made me tear up when they finally got to see eachother again. And this was just the first moment that took my breath away.

The in-house officicant, Darr, added in just the right words to make our hearts beat in unison plus Allie and Sheena added in beatiful touches to make their daughters feel included. It was evident that everything was thought out perfectly.

It was an honor to glimpse this moment and I continue to wish them and their families all the best!


Sheila Mraz asheville photographer

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