I heard on a podcast today…”are you a human-BEing or a human-DOing?

I felt these words speaking directly to me. More often I find myself doing for the sake of staying busy rather than take a moment to just be. Are you in this same category with me? Even this silly post is more doing, right? I feel that I have to post as often as possible and the doing continues. I’d like to take a break, but that feels impossible. Instead, I’m hustling on the go- go train headed straight to Crazyville. Do you feel me?

So, here is where you come in….please feel free to message me with reminders to slow down. Feel free to call and give me the extra permission to go for a walk. Email me and let me know that you are also putting down your phone for a time. Goodness knows that I am in need of these thoughts and I am happy to be your cheerleader encouraging you to do the same. I thank you in advance for your guidance and thank you for the deep breath… whew. Exhale. Release.

PS- I ❤️ these photos of Lauren + John and the simplicity it provides. Celebrating the first wedding gallery of the season being sent!!!!

Sheila Mraz asheville photographer

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